Best Quote

"Sssshhh. If you make another peep I'm telling mom you pee the nest."
Played by Tiny

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Best Male

Played by Jinn

Best Female

Played by Jynxie

Best Thread

Sharp Words
Open Thread
Preview: Sharpberry calls morningstar out on allowing the roamers to stay longer than he had agreed on. The clan is dying with no kits being born and tensions are high, Morningstar agrees to make the roamers leave but as they go some clan members join them wanting to get away from Morningstar and ForestClan curse. Sharpberry leaves the clan shortly after this becoming a roamer.

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Best Couple

Aspenstar & Wolfstar
Played by Jester and Tiny

Best Ship

Blackberry & Icewhisker
Played by Stormhawke & Blossom