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Under His Eye (Main Site Plot)
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Claimed Territory
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Join a Pack
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Establishing a Pack and Claiming Territory
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Pack Rules
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Elysian is a pack of nothing but pureblood wolves, hoping to bring the wolves out of near extinction, they are accepting outsiders but they must be pureblood wolves. Their territory is in the east in death valley where they found Paradise. It is hard to find and most die trying, you must join by roleplaying with an alpha or someone in charge.

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by Aprycas

Jun 30, 2019 19:50:14 GMT -5

The Amazonian pack is a female-dominant pack. Males are allowed to join but will be lowest ranked. Females are separated into 3 ranks based on if they can complete certain trials. Any breed of dog is allowed to join, as well as wolves. The pack is located at South Bank in the Eastern territories between Gabon Lake and the mountain ranges. Members will join through Rping with the Queen or another high ranked position.

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Amazons Census
by Spotty

Apr 8, 2019 12:24:06 GMT -5

A brutish pack that settles disputes in the Arena, Sakaar often keeps the more weak-stomached canines out of the area. Where ranks are established by prowess in the ring, and a surprisingly scrict Code of Ethics is enforced, even those who think they have what it takes are often proven wrong.

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