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Activity Check {Important!}
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Age Up/Rank Up {Ends Soon}
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Pack/Tribe Overall Information and Rules
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Claiming Territory
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Establishing a Pack
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Join a Pack
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A military-style pack focused on preserving their power and amassing more members. Their aggression towards other packs is subtle, for now, but all Kith hope to one day rule all of Alpas.

Akida is believed to be a strong yet silent leader who does the best for Kith. He keeps his intentions unknown to most, and canonically, most wolves do not know of his true desires to rule Alpas.

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Kith Census
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Jul 4, 2021 22:01:12 GMT -5

The Amazonian pack is a female-dominant pack. Males are allowed to join but will be lowest ranked. Females are separated into 3 ranks based on if they can complete certain trials. Any breed of dog is allowed to join, as well as wolves. The pack is located at South Bank in the Eastern territories between Gabon Lake and the mountain ranges. Members will join through Rping with the Queen or another high ranked position.

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Pack Rules and Info
by Midnight.Traitor

Jul 8, 2021 20:33:05 GMT -5

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