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The line between right and wrong is blurred. In the vast expanse of this strange land, you may find an array of different stories: from the Clan Cats, to the Roamers, to the Wolves, to the Regals, and to the Eindrides. Deciding which side you're on may be easy, but, deciding what to believe is the hard part. As the Wolves are being hunted, the Regals are being feared, and the Roamers are being accused. Everyone has their secrets, everyone has their faults—even the Clan Cats. No two canines are alike just as no two felines are the same. Each group makes up their own laws believing their ways and customs are superior to another; that their way of life is the only way to prosper. Joining a pack or clan could very well lead to your success or demise. Everywhere you turn a new enemy faces you, baring their teeth at your neck. Everywhere you look, there's betrayal, heartbreak, and war. To make matters worse, Mother Nature is cruel. Her unforgiving manner has no time to care who you are or what you've been through. Your decisions decide the outcome as the seasons change, as well as your loyalties.

This is a third-person roleplay site with one account per character, with a small twist: there are no humans and we support Warrior Cat roleplay as well as a Canine roleplay! Don't worry if you only like one as these two animals will never meet in roleplay.

With darkness and light clashing, brewing under the surface, what side will you choose? Mother Nature isn't the only one to fear in the Wilderness… welcome to THE WILD SIDE.


7.10.21 Ok you may now create character applications!

7.4.21 Welcome back everyone! We are still fixing things up and will post soon when we are ready please do not create apps at this time!!

Summer, Year 3,
Next Season Change: 9.1.21

Group Census

Group Census Group Lore Female Male Total
Stormclan 78 87 165
Forestclan 37 40 77
Beastclan 75 75 150
Tribe Haven 11 08 19
Kith 00 00 00

Pack Updates

Encouragements: All

Bans: Only two characters per member until 12.1.2020

Pack/Tribe Updates Here


Here is where you will find all the rules on The Wild Side.

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Copyright and Credit
by Tiny

Jul 3, 2021 6:53:47 GMT -5

Information on litters, soul mates, plots, site history, animal breeds, and more can be found here.

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You Turn Them Down {Canine} - WIP
by Tiny

Jul 10, 2021 18:42:30 GMT -5

All important announcements will be posted here.

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Activity Check {Important!}
by 45454

Oct 31, 2021 3:19:49 GMT -5

For any help needed using the site or roleplaying, post here. Suggestions and also If you have any requests of staff, post here. Note: This is not for requesting staff to check applications.

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How-To With Proboards {WIP}
by Tiny

Jan 18, 2021 14:15:52 GMT -5


Here you can find all the Clans and Tribes that belong to the feline side of this site. Each clan has their own census and ceremony request thread, they also have the main training boards where mentors picked by staff will train any apprentice who doesn't want/have a set mentor.

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Age Up/Rank Up {Ends Soon}
by Lissy

Aug 11, 2021 14:34:13 GMT -5

All member made packs will be posted here as well as packs that were made in the past and then abandoned/over thrown.

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Join a Pack
by Tiny

Jul 9, 2021 17:26:57 GMT -5

Out of Character

Tell us about yourself! This is a good place to put introductions, goodbyes, short absences and such.

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It's quiet here... too quiet..

You can talk about anything here. Please only use your main account here, and not character accounts.

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character templates
by Dragon

Jul 7, 2021 21:22:08 GMT -5

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Advertising Contest! (2.22.19-3.30.19)
by Tiny

May 2, 2019 22:16:05 GMT -5

Finished threads will be moved here.

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Oh Deer! [GATHERING 6.10.19]
by Apis

Jul 12, 2019 21:16:56 GMT -5

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